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Terrorism ALert - Vote on tomorrow's color

Current Threat Level
(Color coding supplied for those who are illiterate)

The United States government national threat level Elevated, or Yellow. Mind you, this is not "cut and run" yellow - just yellow enough to keep a good buzz of fear going so you won't notice that you've lost substantial Constitutional rights.

The U.S. threat level is High, or Orange , for all domestic and international flights. You'll look like a fool as you walk barefoot through the security gate. How far are you willing to go when we ask you to do more and more ridiculous things? Watch out. We're tracking your Internet usage.

I've Paid Off Bush's Cronies
Linda Lingle - You Can't Buy Better Representation!

Now It's My Turn!


News About Linda Lingle

Hawai'i Governor's Office: We're in Business with Big Business!

Why President Bush Is My Hero

Environment, Shmironment! Who Needs It?

Your tax dollars: Increasing Tourism so you can enjoy your car stereo for even longer on your way to work.

Latest News About Lingle Projects

Lingle Sends Her Unified Command to Arrest Mother Nature

Lingle Named Salesperson of the Year

Democrat Joe Souki: Our secret weapon. Way to save the Superferry, Joe!

SHOPO won't settle union contract. "Pooh on them", says Lingle

Superferry Execs Tout Lingle: "She carried us through so many perilous passages."

Conversion of Ag to "millionaires' estates" on target with State bill to override zoning laws.

We show uppity Maui that it can't stop airport runway expansion. Legislature to exempt airports from EIS requirements.

Upcoming Events

Monthly Terrorism Alert Meeting. Help choose what color goes with what day of the month.

Special Legislative Event We'll pick which appropriations to withhold so that we can maintain our surplus. The dam inspection withholding didn't work out so well last year so we'll need to come up with another inconspicuous project to defund.

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Tourists - How Would Rental Car Companies Survive Without 'Em?

Who Cares About the Neighbor Islands!

Get a Piece of the Pie
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Big Business
Why pollute in Bad Weather?
Come to Paradise
And pollute Here!

Stryker Brigade:
Come Blow Up Paradise!

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